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The GVM AgriProbe is an automatic, professional soil sampling machine.

GVM understands the importance of soil sampling, its ever-increasing need, and the long back-breaking hours manual sampling requires.

The AgriProbe was designed to speed up the process and minimize the labor hours required by manual sampling. It will also increase efficiency in collecting samples, help you increase revenue, by allowing to provide a more consistent and repeatable service.


F-550 Hydra Spray/Hydra Spread

This unit is a liquid tank and booms or spreader bed put on a Ford F-550 chassis. This set up is really suited to access fields where larger equipment can not go.

Get a Grip and Add Efficiency to Your Operation

GVM’s Multi-Grip Tire Handler was designed to allow users to quickly, safely, and efficiently change tires on application units. The tire handler is able to lift and maneuver tire and wheel assemblies weighing up to 2,000 pounds, and from 56 to 80 inches in diameter. Its universal mounting plate allows it to easily attach to any skid steer or front end loader with a universal mounting plate.

Mechanical, All-Wheel-Drive for Any Season, Any Field

Only the Prowler carries 12-tons or 1800-gallons with a footprint light enough to float on top of wet ground in early season. The perfect combination of a fully mechanical, all-wheel-drive chassis with near equal weight distribution paired with LSW tires allows the Prowler to offer more flotation than any other applicator - up to 64% more flotation.

The Mako 440, 440NT, and 450 sprayers are the newest members of the GVM equipment family.  

Named after one of the most prized, aggressive, and intelligent predators, the Mako will be the first to the fields this spring. The Mako is the smallest, most compact self-propelled sprayer in the marketplace offering a light footprint, leaving behind minimal soil compaction and little to no crop damage.It's aggressive and reliable all-mechanical powertrain makes the Mako the perfect solution for farmers, growers, co-ops, and ag retailers of all sizes. In addition to reliability, the powertrain offers plenty of horsepower, a quick response, fuel efficiency, and high field speeds.

Over the years, the Prowler has earned its reputation as a rugged workhorse, for its solid powertrain, its dependability, and its efficiency in running all year long.

The E-Series Prowlers are the toughest, most durable self-propelled machines built by GVM. The Prowler offers four-season functionality and a mechanical, full-time, all-wheel drive powertrain with unmatched road speeds.

Designed to be flexible and versatile, the Prowler provides its owners with the largest possible return-on-investment, and the ability to quickly react to changes in weather and crop conditions by switching between liquid and dry applications in less than an hour.